About Me

Hello, my name is Melissa and welcome to my blog, ‘Mizzstry’. I am a 22-year-old women who believes in creating a space online to remove isolation and demonstrate possibility for those abled and less-abled. To share real-experiences and knowledge in the world of being disabled (with a ridiculously named condition). I want to ensure that nobody needs to feel like they are a mystery or excluded like I did.


My aim is to share real experiences, highlighting the difficulties that every disabled individual or person with illness experiences everyday, but also highlighting we are still human. Every patient, illness and how they experience pain is different, there is no single treatment or approach to managing these symptoms, but removing stigma and isolation is a great tool box to start. I will be sharing the highs and the lows – sharing education, working, family, lifestyle stories. And finally a passion that is inescapable for me – all things psychology. Psychology inter winds my life, I study it but also include many theories in what and how I write and I want to share some fantastic theories and teachings with my audience.

One thought on “About Me

  1. You’re doing amazingly well keeping up with everything you’ve had to fight through recently. So proud of you! Keep in touch – I’ll try to keep in touch more too and cheer you on.


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